Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Squirrels With Attitude!

The Gray Squirrel is the cutest darn little guy! I know some people hate them because they can get into any feeder and yes! they can eat more bird seed than a flock of birds, and yes! they can be pests, But by Darn! They can be the cutest
entertaining little guys you ever did see!
Because I have 14 Black Walnut trees in my back yard, and I feed birds, I have a truckload of Gray Squirrels. So as I am taking bird pictures, for every 3 birds I get at least ONE of a squirrel.
The following is just a few of the funny antics, and loving features of my Gray Squirrels.

This is what the squirrel should be doing....sitting on a fence
post and eating nuts from a nearby tree!!
But Is he most of time??

NO! he is not.
He can get into any feeder and look quite comfortable as he
wipes it clean.

It can be a plate of fresh fruit, that doesn't matter to Mr. Gray.

You say Grapes!! Well heck yea, bring them on!!

Oh! They try to act cute to win your favor by sitting in your
flower pots with their little paws resting so sweetly on the side.

And hang on the side of the tree with those eyes just filled
with favor and the little ears perked right up...

But.... They will trudge through a blizzard of snow to get
to that feeder full of sunflower seeds....

And Happily sit there and munch down every last one!

They will hang precariously from a little flower pot
to get at the seeds left there for Mr. Titmouse.

And Holidays??? They will come for them all. At Halloween last
year the whole family showed up to gorge themselves
with a decorated pumpkin for the centerpiece.

And on Valentines Day he tried to act innocent and give me those
eyes, but I knew he was eating all the seeds. He held his paw out
as if to say, not me!! Nope I didn't do it.

Last year at Christmas, I put out the
gazebo feeder and the first one in
was none other than Mr. Gray.
Wiped it clean in one afternoon.

Two years ago the snowman feeder really drew him in! He liked
to pose beside it for his picture.

When they have eaten too much and it is a nice day they
just drape themselves over a stump and rest for awhile.

Sometimes they are so exhausted from stealing
the bird's breakfast, dinner and lunch, that they fall asleep
right on a limb above the porch.
And, the inspiration for this story was this little mama, I will
call her Mrs. Gray. She was munching away the other day and
I was watching her from the window when I noticed something
pink on her belly.

As she turned I could see even more closely.........So
I zoomed right in and low and behold....I believe we have even
MORE grays somewhere in a nest in a tree...just waiting for
their turn at the feeders... it takes a lot of seeds to
make milk for these little pink *puppies!!
(*American slang for boobs)

Oh No!!!! Don't do that!! Stop it right now.

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much larger and better in every way.
John Muir


Stacey Huston said...

O- Jalynn, great post. LOVE the head shots..

Bird Girl said...

That was one FUN & entertaining post, Jalynn! So many cute shots -- loved the one where the squirrel is sprawled out on the stump and the one where he is caught red-handed in the red bucket! Really cute!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks stacy and birdgirl

Since I can't get 'rid' of them I might as well let them entertain us!! :-)

Sandpiper said...

I love this! I have so much fun watching the squirrels in my yard. When they are being extra cute, sometimes I forget to watch the birds. I enjoy them so much!

bluebirder said...

Not my favourite critters but the snoozing shots and the one with bad dandruff (or is it snow?) are classics Jalynn!

jalynn01 said...

yes! sandpiper they are entertaining for sure.I just wish they didn't eat soooo much!

thanks bluebirder,
Knowing how much you dislike squirrels I am pleased you considered a couple shots 'classic' Yes! it's snow!

The Birdlady said...

Well, that was fun! You have some great squirrel photos. My favorite is the close-up with the snow - but the one all draped over the stump is pretty funny!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks birdlady. glad you had fun with the squirrel post.

zhakee said...

Your squirrel photos are very sweet. Your garden/yard looks quite appealing to the critters.

Marsha said...

That was one "squirrely" post! They look a lot cuter in your yard then they do in mine :-)

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