Monday, April 14, 2008

It's a Spring Thing!

Spring hath put a spirit of youth in every thing.
William Shakespeare

My Lilacs are forming buds in preparation for the beautiful
fragrant blooms soon to open. I am worried about the frost
that is predicted tonight. I hope they survive it.

Forsythia is just beginning to open. I have seen some in the
neighborhood that have already burst into the color of bright sunshine.

Finally, the daffodils have opened their sunny faces to the sky.
Just a couple short weeks ago they were just green fronds with
the beginnings of yellow buds.

Mr. C was having a hard time staying on the feeder with
the wind blowing his pretty feathers.

My first Eastern Towhee in the yard. They hop around on the
ground and scratch for food.

With the continuance of Spring so will the bright yellow
feathers of Mr. Goldfinch continue to come in.
And! For the surprise of the day. I have been keeping an eye
on my Carolina Wrens! This is the first year that I have two.
Male and Female I am guessing. (hoping)

When I spotted this one with nesting material in it's beak
I carefully followed to see where it was going. It would
disappear close to the house and I would not be able to
see it's destination.

So! The next time it came by, I put up the window and leaned out
with the camera. In this picture it is looking back if to say
'What are YOU looking at?"

Then it hopped down and disappeared into this slit!!

This round cylindrical tank houses my propane for cooking.
I immediately checked to see when they would be coming to fill and
was relieved that it won't be until July.

After the wren was gone I went out and snapped a picture of
the nest construction. I am excited that they are nesting
right next to the house. I should be able to follow the progress and
hopefully see the babies.

Stay tuned!


Bird Girl said...

I hope your lilacs made it through the frost! Love the Mr. C picture withstanding the windy day at your feeder! And I can't wait to see little Carolina just never know where you'll find a nest!!! Nice series!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird too about the wren. A happening!

Bird Girl said...

Really like the little wren looking at you!!!

Stacey Huston said...

Great post. That is ALOT of nest material for such a little bird. LOL I can't wait to see the eggs and babies. Thanks for sharing.

jalynn01 said...

birdgirl... wrens are sooo cute..I liked the look too!

Thanks Stacy and I agree it is a BIG bunch of stuff for a tiny bird! I guess they think it hides them. Stay tuned....

Kathiesbirds said...

Ah, spring! Isn't it wonderful! great photos of the wren there. I hope you get to see the babies! I miss lilacs. Make sure you post some photos when they bloom. Too bad you can't post the fragrance!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks for stopping by! According to my photos last year the lilac bloomed the first of May, so check back. I will be sure to post. As far as the fragrance if you can find some 'lilac' soap from bath&body, it is a close match to the scent.

Jotter Jan said...

Nice Spring post Jane...can't wait to see the baby Wrens!

Marsha said...

What a wonderful post. I like the eastern towhee, he is a new one for me as well as the carolina wrens. We have house wrens here. How lucky to see goldfinches already too. How wonderful to have a pair of wrens nesting so near to the house...I can't wait to see those little heads peaking out of the tank enclosure. It is so much fun to see spring happening in your backyard.

jalynn01 said...

Hi Marsha,
Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I have house wrens too and have documented their journey to parenthood. I hope these Carolina wrens are as successful! Keep watching.

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