Monday, July 30, 2007

My Birthday Present

Ever since a tree fell on the house this past winter and damaged my old swing I have wanted a new one. I got it for my birthday! Now I sit in my yard and watch my 'window on nature' unfold. Here are a few happenings over the past week or so.

I caught sight of these two finches visiting one of my sunflowers

And, I'm always up for some 'wren fun' These little guys forage among the weeds, flowers, hostas, always on the ground for a juicy little treat for their young.

Caught in mid flight coming in for a landing. I salvaged this box from last winter. A downy woodpecker had hollowed out the hole and so I bought a fitting from tractor supply and made a new hole and taped it up. And low and behold they are now raising a family in there.

From my 'perfect perch' on the new swing I can look up and catch mom and dad flying in and out.I can also see my freshly planted black eyed Susan's in the front garden.
I love purple and yellow together.
I thought this was hilarious how I used the sports setting and got this bunny doing the 'bunny hop' through the yard!

If I look to the right I catch a shot of the infamous playhouse. It has it's own flower garden and a brick sidewalk along with it's own mailbox.

As it grows dark and I have to go in, I see the wren hiding in the forsythia with a little treat grasped in it's beak. For the new babies no doubt.

I will leave you with a shot of my purple cone flower. Until the next time I sit upon the perfect perch and watch the yard.


Bird Girl said...

Now that swing is a perfect perch to watch the yard. I had to laugh when I saw the picture - from the angle you took it - it looks like it is about 5 or 6 feet above the ground (and I picture your biggest complaint - can't touch the ground with my feet - haha)
Lucky to capture Mr. & Ms. Goldfinch on the sunflower and the bunny is just a riot!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks birdgirl.... It's a bit of solace in my crazy life having a nice yard and a 'new swing' to perch upon and watch!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Your 'hopping bunny' had me in stitches. That was a great shot stopping it like that. Love your little playhouse.

Jotter Jan said...

Nice birthday present and btw...happy belated birthday! Loved your Goldfinch:-)

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