Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fawns! at my old haunt

After dinner I went for a ride trying to find 'fawns' near or far or anywhere but 'nada' everywhere I went. So I ended up at my old haunt....yes! your backyard Aunt B. And I guess my prayers were answered because I actually saw a few fawns. Some far away, but I saw them!
As soon as I pulled in the crippled doe's fawn was hiding in the tall grass but I managed to get a few shots.
Mom came from out of nowhere and soon they were both gone into the bushes.

a little further up I saw this lone doe standing and watching me intently. I took a lot of shots and when I got home I realized there are twins in the picture.

They are at the bottom of the picture hiding in the weeds......look closely!

As always in dry run it starts to get dark and the camera doesn't like 'dark'
On down toward my dad's I saw this fawn way back in the field. It sure looked cute.

Of course Mom came along and it wasn't long they were gone too.

As I was leaving and by now it's really dark, I saw another doe with twins way up at the top of the field.

And all I could think was "Thank you God" for letting me see these beautiful fawns.
Thou has put gladness in my heart......
Psm 4:7a
To God be the Glory


Bird Girl said...

Well, "blow me down and call me shortie!!!" It's about time you saw some fawns. Oh happy day! (evening - whatever)
Loved that little one when it was first getting dark. How sweet it looked!
You can die now - you saw fawns!
I'm just kidding - I was just as upset last year when I couldn't see them!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl. It was about time for sure. I was feeling very left out! It sure was a fun and rewarding evening for me!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

I was told a long time ago, "Patience in a virtue." Well, it sure paid off for you Jalynn01. Good for you!!!

Jotter Jan said...

A-w-w-w...I just love fawns!!!They are ever so deer;-)

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