Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lessons from one bunny to another!

When I was out trolling for 'fawns' last night I saw these two cute little bunnies in the grass with what I thought was a rock between them. I pulled over and started to shoot and discovered it was NOT a rock after all.

The thing flipped over and it was another bunny....rolling around in the grass. Just like those crazy birds of bird girl's. What are these animals doing?

Then the one in the middle started to groom itself almost like it was giving a 'how to' lesson to the other two.

Go down to my video and watch the 'bunny flip' Cute little buggers they are.

The heat I think does strange things to the animals... This little guy was draped across a log under the feeder seemingly completely exhausted! Cooling it!

To God be the Glory
for my wonderful 'window on nature'


Bird Girl said...

Oh wow! That middle bunny did look just like a rock. How cute they are!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl. I appreciate your input!

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