Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Gift from Russia.....

While visiting Edison NJ, we also went back to Bayonne where
my husband worked previously. We were surprised to
see this monument erected in the bay across from NY harbor.

The massive memorial evokes the World Trade Center that
once sat across the Hudson River. Jagged lines divide the
monument into two tower-like pieces, and a 40-foot
steel teardrop gently hangs in the open center, like a bell.
The 100 foot bronze sculpture is awesome to behold.
The base has rows of the names of those who died.

Had I been aware that if you took the picture from the right
vantage point you could get the NY skyline and lady Liberty
in the background I would have....but not until I looked
up the site did I know that.

The monument also has been billed as a gift from
"Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is
seen on the left and President Bush on the right.


Bird Girl said...

Very interesting. I doubt the average U.S. citizen is aware that this monument exists. Glad you included the information link - I was wondering how they got it here -- came in 5 pieces - four of the monument and one tear and then it was put together. Pretty awesome!

jalynn01 said...

Yes I imagine it was quite a task to get it here. I read about that on the site. And you are right, no one knows it is there cause it's literary out of sight unless you go on to the old military base. Norm knew it was there and took me. Thanks for all your comments!

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