Thursday, November 8, 2007

Birds, ducks, birds

When you are visiting near the ocean you see lots
of water birds. In this parking lot of the stop
and shop there were plenty of gulls.

Also no shortage of Canada Geese...

Bottoms up!

You've heard of your 'ducks in a row' well here we
have geese in a row....Looks like they are waiting for
their marching orders...

Now this bird at first I thought was a loon or grebe, but
as you will see in the other pictures that wasn't so.
My friend bird girl helped me identify it.

We decided it was a Cormorant. It had a partner as you
can see it flying by.

I knew by the way it was standing that it was something
other than your run of the mill duck or gull.

these gulls crack me up how they hang out on the posts,
some on one leg.

And for the 'catch of the day'
A heron looking like he is dressed in
a feathery overcoat as the wind blew on.


Bird Girl said...

The 'geese in a row' is just a GREAT picture - love it! And that heron was certainly the catch of the day. They look so beautiful when their feathers are blowing and fluffy!

LIAM & SHAYLEE said...

Jane...I absolutely love your pictures...the heron is just stunning!

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