Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Deer went to visit my mom

My "Deer Adventure"

Saturday night I went out to the milky way for a little treat and thought why not go look for deer. So I headed up toward blue knob and came down to dry run. It was almost like 'old times'. First I saw this doe and fawn along the road.

And then there were a bunch of deer by the pond, but only got a picture of these two cause there were cars stopping to look and they hightailed it out of there.

Down towards my dad's this doe was in her usual place by the grape vines

As soon as she saw me stop, she went to check on her fawn hiding in the trees.
Since I was in the vicinity I decided to visit my mom.... I go there sometimes and was I in for a BIG surprise...

I always think there should be deer in this cemetery, but this is the first time I saw them grazing so lazily along.

The fawns seemed to be enjoying the newly mowed grass.It seemed odd to see them in among the tombstones.

And right there was Mr. Buck. Wow, it was a deer adventure for sure.

He looks quite beautiful with a heart shaped stone in the background.

All among the tombstones were deer. I think this may be 'your family' Aunt B. Sure looks like it to me.

My mom is laid to rest where you see the purple wreath.. It was quite nice to have some company when visiting mom..... even it was the four legged kind.


Bird Girl said...

You sure got some beautiful shots! Love that first fawn - it looks quite handsome with more black on it's face than I usually see. And you sure did hit the 'jackpot' in the cemetery - buck and fawns and does - WOW! Great deer adventure you had there!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Nice series! That had to make your day since you love those deer families. You got some very nice shots. So cute to see them together like that.

Jotter Jan said...

Now those are my kind of Cemetary shots...the kind that make you glad instead of sad!!!!

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