Monday, August 13, 2007

Cultivating some 'Wrenship"

It seems I never have time to just sit and take pictures of my wrens, and so Sunday after Church I decided that is what I would do. Glad I did because they are now gone!!
You all will probably be glad, that my 'wrenship' has come to an end. Howbeit I feel saddened that they are up up and away.

Here baby #1 waits for mama to come and feed him. She's sailing in on the right.

Hurry up MOM!! I'm starving in here.

What? You came and didn't bring food!

Whatever mama gave baby it's down the hatch!

When the parents wouldn't come for more than 10 minutes this baby would lean out and look up and down and all around.

Now this is excitement when baby sees the treat in mom's mouth.This has to be my favorite shot of all with baby coming out of box. I have one on video too. Don't forget to view them.

This look looks like "yearning to be out in the world".

Oh goody another treat coming up. Looks like a carpenter ant... not a very big treat!

Now that's more like it, a moth!

I call this one 'the big stretch'. Look how he has his feet locked onto that limb. Try doing that sometime.
Double click on this one and see how gentle this baby takes the moth from the parent's mouth. How cute is that?

The end of the wrens for this season... Next year I am going to fix up this ugly box or buy some new ones.


Bird Girl said...

You finally got some time and your pictures really show it! I love the one with the baby's head out and the parent on the limb -- Great title, by the way!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Bird girl. About time I got some 'time' to myself. yippee!

Jotter Jan said...

Love your nest shots...way to go Jane!

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