Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wren in a 'cat' box

I have a large oak tree in my yard and 5 nest boxes hanging from the lower limbs

Each year a pair of wrens set up housekeeping, usually choosing a different box.

This year a darn house sparrow kept chasing them off! Every box they put sticks in the sparrow would come.

The first picture is one I took back in March when the sparrow showed up

...setting up squatters rights.

The Wren kept switching boxes and after he had it all fixed up and waiting for his Mrs. here would come the sparrow. The Male will make many nests and then the female will pick the one she wants.

All of these nest boxes are located under this Oak tree. One year I set up a blind, but now I just sit either in the flower garden on the black wrought iron chairs, or on a little bench hiding behind part of the leaves that hang down

This morning I was determined to get a few shots of this bird wherever it was living.. I have been hearing it and seeing it go under there for a week or so. When pursuing bird pictures you have to have two things. Time and Patience. You set up , sit down and wait and wait and wait...... These wrens usually come in 10 - 15 minute intervals. So you have to be ready. They are usually in and out in a matter of seconds.

This morning it paid off!

Here he or she came with a big fat bug!

Open wide, baby, here it comes.

Doing a little housekeeping while he is at it.

and that is a Wren in a "CAT" box.


Bird Girl said...

They really are cute little birds! I think they'd make a nest ANYWHERE! If they go in a clotheline pole or an old farm post. Funny aren't they? Lovley picture of the 'beastly' house sparrow. Ya know yer doin' good when ya make the 'beasts' look great..haha. Nice series!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl. We would do anything for a good 'bird' picture even if it is 'beastly' haha

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Way to go, jalynn01, Great capture!!

Jotter Jan said...

Cute capture girl!

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