Monday, June 25, 2007

"Deer Hunting"

My "deer hunting" ride tonight produced very little.
The Crippled Doe is beautiful but poor thing has
such a hard time walking.

She was all by herself (no fawn in sight) and you can see how
difficult it is for her to walk with her bent
and mangled front leg.

A little further down I did see this buck, watching and starring
at me.
He was not coming out for me to see him closer. And with darkness coming my 'window on nature' closes.
To God be the Glory!


Bird Girl said...

That first picture of the doe is just stunning! She is a beautiful deer for sure! The buck looks handsome - would love to see him closer! Remember the days when we only 'dreamed' of seeing a deer close enough to EVER get a picture worth looking at? Gotta love technology!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Bird Girl! Oh Yeah I remember! We've come a long way baby from the 35mm to digital to close up and personal. And we have the pictures to prove it! One thing is for sure, we have great memories with a kazillion pictures to show for it. Priceless!

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