Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some Snowy Photos

At my house this morning it was snowing a little but
later in the afternoon when I went to my dad's at
a higher elevation the snow was sticking to everything
and quite beautiful.
One single fall leaf amidst the snowy branches
I saw a few deer really far away.

Just a short distance down the road at the pond
there was less snow, but what a beautiful setting
with snow on the branches, green of the grass and
a red 'fall' tree in the background.

snow covered leaves... combination of fall and winter.
And there was the piebald way up in the field with
a couple other deer.

1 comment:

Bird Girl said...

Oh!!! So nice to see the piebald -- I sure hope she makes it through yet another hunting season - she is one smart doe!
Really like the picture of the single red leaf among the snow and trees.

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