Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Back!!!

If anyone has been looking for my blog... or for my posts...  and wondering why I haven't been around...  Well...   I have a years worth of stories and pictures to share.  Before I get started on the wildlife lets begin at the beginning or ~ at least where I left off  ~ 

July of 2011... right after that last deer post at the river my daughter had twin girls.  She lives 2 hours away and I retired from my job and spent the next six months mostly at her place helping out.

                     Mommy and Daddy with baby girls...  Pandora Lynn and Lorelei Paige
  Lorelei has the most hair, was first born and bigger than itty bitty Pandora who came 3 minutes later and was 1 pound lighter than her sister.   
I always wanted twins but never reazlied how much WORK it would be.
    By Christmas they had pretty much lost their hair but gained the biggest smiles you ever want to see
  OMG is it any wonder I was spending all my time with the twins? They might have been a lot of work, but look how cute they are in their Christmas picture.
   Summer arrived and we introduced them to the playground and the swings
Then along came July and their First Birthday ~ I could not believe a year had gone by
Here they are now..  
Lorelei still having the most hair and Pandora still the smaller twin. 
I am still going once a month to help out but have a little time to 'blog' so yes! I'm back.. One more surprise and then I can get started on all the 'wildlife' I have captured while
I was away being the proud and busy grandma. 

To God be the Glory  ~~ Great Great Things He Hath Done

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Welcome back. I was smiling right through the whole post. Those little angels are adorable.I can see why they took priority over blogging.Now I am wondering what other surprise you have to share. Can't wait. :)

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