Monday, May 23, 2011

A Walk on the Wildwood side

 Wildwood Park in Harrisburg PA is one of my favorite places
to visit when I am in the area
 The Towpath Trail borders the lake and is the one I chose to walk today
 There has been a lot of rain so everywhere you look there is water

It's quiet, peaceful and serene to just walk along and watch for what you might see
 On my list of things that have been spotted this week is the Great Egret...
 There he was flying gracefully or walking in the lake fishing

Since this is the first sunny day in a while the turtles are sunning everywhere you look

An Egret and Great Blue Heron share a common perch
 Oblivous to each other as they preen

 The water was almost moving and jumping as I watched so I tried to catch a glimpse of what was under there causing the raucous ....
an orange fish appeared!!

 Always an ever present Red-winged Blackbird

A very welcome and happy surprise for me to see the Yellow Warbler

Then, out there where the water was jumping and splashing I saw a Blue Heron fishing

As  hard as he tried

Diving right in

 Head submerged

He either swallowed it or I missed it all together

I sure didn't see the fish if he got it

 Looking a little wet and angry he doesn't stick around
Up and away he goes

To God be the Glory  ~~  Great Things He Hath Done

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THis walk was so much fun.So many beautiful sights.Thanks for sharing this.

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