Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh Baby!

 I was on the deck and caught motion out the corner of my eye....
looking up I saw what I thought were two squirrels fighting on the wires coming into the house from the pole.
I grabbed the camera and started shooting.  To my surprise it was
a mother Gray Squirrel with a baby.

 What happened next was unimaginable!  The little guy was squirming so much....  

She dropped him and he landed in the grass in the yard
 She just let go and dropped down to see if he was ok

I thought he would be hurt or dead, but his half open eyes showed life
She checked him out sniffing and sniffing at his face

  She grabbed him by the scruff of the neck just like a cat
 But he was not having it and squirmed and moved

Finally Mom gets a good hold 

 And off through the yard they go

Through the tall dandelions stems

Walking on her back legs at times

Heading for some shelter

She hid him in a large Hosta by my yard bench
I went in the house to put the dog away so I could get a closer better look and when I returned she was gone!  I have no idea where she went.  I searched the nearby trees but saw no nest.

What a fun little happening.
To God be the Glory  ~~  Great Things He Hath Done

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Fascinating.This shows the love of this mother for its baby.

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