Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love from my Backyard Friends......

Valentine's Day

I found this cute little Love Sign and.....
The rest is history.
From my Backyard friends to you

Calling all Cardinals

How many Love Doves do we have?

All I need is Love


Let's share some Love

Singin' about Love

Pretty in Love

Ahhh Grapes, I'm in love
Peek a boo behind Love

Even the deer came down to share in the Love
Lighted by the red hearts at the playhouse.

I'm spreading the Love.....
Happy Valentine's Day

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Razzberry Corner said...

You are spreading the love! I love this series, all the birds at the Love Sign at different times! We also have been feeding our deer - we've acquired a small herd in our backyard, trying to find some shelter from all the crazy snow. My husband broke down & gave them some alfalfa bales last night, and now the deer will never leave us!

Marsha said...

You definitely spread the LOVE with this one! I love how you decorate the feeders for the season and I have been trying to copy you for a year now :) This one is just the best with the festive love sign and you know I love the cardinals the best. I can't believe those deer right in your backyard - how cool.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful.Your creativity is amazing.Have a great Valentine's Day with those closet to your heart.

JKoenig said...

What more can I say, "I LOVE it!
Great post!

HANNIBAL said...

You really can put on a show! Great post!

Shelley said...

Cute, cute photos! I especially liked that mourning dove peeking from behind your "love" sign - so appropriate!

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