Monday, August 2, 2010

Super-Size it mom!

A trip to Pine Creek near Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
was a needed jane & barbi outing. It's so relaxing and
beautiful there.

Check out the blue sky

The tall mountains and the creek

Sitting by the creek and watching for what may come along

This Little Green Heron gave us a show

scratching his head

and flapping his wings

Looking across the creek at all the purple loosestrife
growing we also hear the 'shotgun' sounds of the Kingfisher

and saw him gliding above the water looking for his catch
of the day

He's a beauty

There were Great Blue Herons too

Standing stick straight as they always do

But the 'catch of the morning' so to speak was this King
bird who in mid air caught the biggest dragon fly

There was a a tree the storm had knocked down in the water
and he chose that site to wait

It didn't take long for baby 'King" to fly in

Mouth wide open...and mom tried to give him the
'super size' prize she has caught

If you click on the pictures you can see them in more
detail.... Now! Look at baby 'king' turn his head as if
to say.. "mom, that's too big"

Then mom has that OMG look on her face.. Kids!

They wanna eat but it has to be just the right size, maybe
I can break it in half on the branch..

Nope! no luck with that..

While baby 'king' cries she tries to figure it out

Getting tired of the game she decides to let
Jr. get his own breakfast

and..... she flies away and let him there keeping the
'super size' dragonfly for herself.

Stay tuned.... for the Eagle fun.. next post.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This series is too good.I love each picture.The babies and Mom are cute.

JKoenig said...

What a fun post! That baby really did have big mouth...Too bad they couldn't get it broken apart.

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