Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Projects

Our house is flanked by Walnut trees. As much as I hate
cutting trees, this was way over due. Two trees so far
have ended up falling in wind storms....one causing
damage to my house and porch.

So! I rounded up some guys and some equipment and
and we had a real 'wood cutting' party

The end results looked a little bare....but now I won't have
to rake walnuts until my arms fall off, or clean my sidewalk
that gets stained black from the little buggers.

We left the trees that lined the perimeter of the property

and cut all the ones in between. A
Spring project that was long

Another Spring project... 3rd year in a row is
the gas tank occupation.

Pop the top and you will see the nest being build.

I don't know why... but here they are again trying to make a go
of this nest in the tank. Last year the gas man threw it out..
so I called and asked them not to come until June this year.
Year before that the babies were born and all died..
So! Maybe the third time will be the charm.

Let's hope so. My Carolina Wren sure is happy singing his courting song.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Spring brings with it many projects,and the feeling of satisfaction as they get done is great.Have a wonderful day and enjoy the beauties of the day.

JKoenig said...

Cutting down trees is a lot of hard work, and having them fall on your house is a little scarey....I know...it has happened to us too...more than once. I guess that is one of the dangers of living in a woods. But, you need trees for the birds...right?

Have a wonderful day!

Bird Girl said...

Gee, it looks so different without the trees - but it will let new life and lots of sun into the yard and I know you'll love it when you get used to it - haha!
That wren is so cute and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a successful nest this year!!!

Tina said...

A tough call to cut some trees but you said it...it had to be done. We are on the list to have a few trees dropped next week. I, like you, will appreciate not having to clean up all that these trees drop in the fall.
Love your little tank nesters..I will keep my fingers crossed that the 3d time is a charm...how are your Kestrals doing this yr...r they around?

jalynn01 said...

Actually I was concerned about cutting so many trees and what effect it would have on my birds...but as soon as the noise died down they were all flocking to the feeders...so I have my fingers crossed.

Sad to report the Kestrels were only around for a few days and then disappeared. I even brought my ipod and tried to call them, but so far nothing. Also am hoping the 'tanksters' make it this year. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Gas tank occupation. A beauty.

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