Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bird Conversations and more...........

The snow is melting away and Spring is coming so I thought
I had better get these 'snow' pictures posted so I can move on
to sunnier days.

Bird Conversations...
you've seen them here before
I can't resist putting words into the mouths of these
loyal visitors. It just seems right to me.

A face - off at the early morning feeder

Hey! Mocker Don't freak I'm only here for the seeds

Well yeah Lovey just don't come over here

Ok.. I promise

Peace Lovey? .. Peace Mocker!

This here grape... It's MINE...

Hey Red, Is that you over there?

Then, we have the Blue Jays cleaning up what the deer
have left .. covered by snow

Hey look I'm gliding


Did you know you have corn on your butt?

"The Flasher"

Snow covered branches sure do bring the birds in..
A lovely winter scene to us bird watchers.

Stay tuned... Coming soon... You'll never guess who's back
and getting ready to nest.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Bird Girl said...

I know, I know! Who is back!!! But I shall keep your secret ;-)
Enjoyed your birdy conversations - cute to see the dove and mocker together at the feeder - that mocker sure does love them grapes!

JKoenig said...

I think I know who is back too....A new year...New babies to anticipate!

Don't you just wish you knew what they were saying to each other sometimes!

√ Abraham said...

I don't think we have ever had a mockingbird here. It might be like the brown creeper and show up one of these days. We had a cat bird once and I just about flipped. I kept hearding this car meow and couldn't see it but finally saw the middle of a shrub move and there it was. I ended up getting a number of good pictures and then that was the last time I ever saw one here. I did enjoy this post and the mockingbird photo.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Even though I am tired of snow,these pictures are beautiful.Your birds have quite the conversations.:-)

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