Saturday, February 6, 2010

Forecast: 6 - 12

You just never know if the 'weatherman' will be right or
wrong until you wake up and look outside. Our snow started
late afternoon yesterday and kept a steady pace through
out the evening and through the night.

Looking toward the driveway I realized the 12 inches that
was predicted was a little off... There are two cars out
there.. betcha you have to look for them.

The feeders all looked like the old 'cone head' people from
Saturday night live.. If you're old enough to remember them

A Cardinal waits patiently for me to come out
and clear the snow and add the seeds

When I measured on the porch it was 22 inches, but we have
had another 2 and it's still snowing

It's a beautiful sight ...

As soon as I swept the snow away and added some seeds
the birds were there

They just swoop in and bicker and fight, but end up sharing
Hey man! save me some!

I must have had a dozen cardinals and they are
just beautiful in the bushes waiting their turns

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


JKoenig said...

How neat to see so many different birds at your feeder at the same time. Snow really seems to bring them in. We were supposed to get three to five inches but I don't think we did. The wind blew so hard our deck railings, etc were bare. Thanks for sharing..

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is an amazing amount of snow.Let's hope the winds stay down,or you will have a ferocious blizzard.

Razzberry Corner said...

Great pictures, as always! We also got way too much snow! We were visited by a huge flock of starlings, who were hungry and angry. I gave them some dog food which they preferred to bird seed, so the seed was saved for the hungry little birds. Stay warm during the blizzard, Jalynn!

Dallas D said...

Beautiful! Once the snow stopped here in the Burgh, the sky was so blue. I shoveled out to the feeders first - a deer had schlurpped the seed feeder dry Fri night - at least, I assume it was the doe I chased off several times around 6.

Poconoangel said...

We live in North East Pa. and didn't have one flake of snow in this storm! :-( I have been reading and looking at everyone's pictures of the snow, including my sister's blog from Maryland. We now have a prediction of snow on Wednesday, so I had better stock up on some extra hot cocoa and bird seed too! LOL!
(beautiful photos!)

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