Monday, August 10, 2009

Down the Road...

Never do I drive down the road and not look.....
Look to the side of the road..
Out in that open field
Up in the vast blue sky...
and sometimes..just sometimes.... it pays off.
Last week when I left my dad's I was blessed by this doe
and FOUR fawns.

They were following her as if all were hers, but
I doubt that to be true.

I would bet another doe is nearby and has entrusted her
precious cargo in the care of this watching mama

Another fawn was a little further away... his spots starting
to disappear

Hello! Could this be the missing doe?

As I watch I see yellow and orange fly into the top
of a tree...

The Orioles have located some berries

and are feasting on them.

So, this week I return to the same spot and am
looking for deer once again when I hear the
call of a hawk. So, I just pull over and wait.
I know he is close and finally he lands right
in front of me on a telephone pole.

He is looking down...maybe hoping to see a small animal
to catch for dinner

I love when I am close enough to see his eye.

Then he looks over at me ...

and continues to scream

As he is screaming I can hear another hawk answering

as he looks behind him I see the second hawk flying in

He looks towards the trees and then

flies over to join probably his sibling

Now they are both screaming...

Two immature Red tailed hawks screaming for dinner

This continues for

15 minutes...

as they hop from branch to branch and

watch behind and in front of them

I am thankful for these happenings in my life.
A touch of nature and all is right with the world.

Play the video to hear the hawk screaming.....

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

What and action-packed post! Love the fawns, so sweet and spotty.
Really love the hawk siblings.
Isn't it special when a bird looks you in the eye?

Razzberry Corner said...

This is what makes life beautiful! I always look for a glimpse of the animals in the woods & fields; often I am pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is truely a blessing to see all this wild nature so close.These pictures are exceptional.

Bird Girl said...

Those four little fawns are so cute following along as if in unison - I love them!
What a super neat happening with the big fat spoiled brat red-tail babies! You got some GREAT pictures! It's so funny how they keep trying to get Mom & Dad to feed them long after they are able to do it themselves. Somehow it seems so much funnier when large birds are begging to be fed. I'd say you had a lot of action on your route ;-)

JKoenig said...

I loved your whole post....lots of wonderful pictures. How blessed to see so many baby deer.

I thought for sure your last picture would be of one of those two hawks' parents flying in to feed them. Kind of reminds you of teenagers...sometimes.

Dallas D said...

Wonderful post!
Two weeks ago I drove east on the Turnpike and saw a lovely little fawn nestled in the mowed grass up from the berm up a hill of maybe 6-7' in elevation. He was just watching the traffic go by and looked so calm, for all the world like any dog in my neighborhood surveying his domain. A fleeting impression of a standing deer nearby at the treeline.

jalynn01 said...

Razzberry Corner: Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments!

JKoenig: I WISH I could have gotten the picture of the parents bringing food, but I MISSED IT! I was driving away when the two adults flew right over my car and I couldn't get pulled over to get the shot!! bummer...

Tina said...

What a great catch with all those fawns following one doe!! I know what you mean about it being so uplifting to see nature at its best...
boy, you sure were in the right spot at the right time to catch all that red-tail action!! I never can get over how big those babies are as they continue to call for food!! I can see why movie producers chose their calls as monster loud and eerie!!

HANNIBAL said...

2 awesome sightings in 1 drive...Sweet! Those are the best days...

Jack said...

Great to see those pics..really awesome..keep

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