Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeding Hungry Kestrels in the Nest......

What does this pose of a baby Kestrel signify?
Well the story goes like this:

Hi! I'm one of the girl Kestrels in the nest and we
get hungry quite often and this is the story of
what we do to get fed.

One way would be open our mouth and make a lot of noise
"dad! dad! mom! get some food over here!"

Soon I can hear dad or mom coming and I look up to see who

This time it's dad and he has a juicy mouse for me

He drops it in the hole for me to get..

This pose is usually when I can see food coming and
get very excited and anxious.
Hannibal ,you were right!

Again! It's dad that shows up' He comes in fast and furious

Right on his heels is mom bringing a baby bird

Hokey Geez between the two of them they knock me for a loop

I didn't think they would both show up.. can you help
me out here?

My legs are straight and my feet are down

Oh My Gosh! What a couple of dingy parents, a kid could
get killed by a speeding delivery

Just wait! When I grow up I'm gonna knock them right
off their perch

I'll just take off like a jet plane... you just wait.

In the meantime I'm hungry again... so I have to start

That was quick.... Hi Mom. What do you have this time?

Oh Goody! Another birdie nugget.. mmmmmm

What do you mean it's for my sister? She's napping

Give it to me I'll pass it on to her when she wakes up

Come on Mom I told you I would share..

Hey! Bring that back here.. See! She's up now.

Don't worry Sis, I'll keep calling her

Mom! Get back here!
Sis and I are waiting................

Up on the telephone pole, mom grabs some food for herself.

Feeding hungry babies makes her hungry

Look at the size of that wing... That's some large prey

Next post all four babies are out of the nest and in
the tree.. One male and one female discuss
flying free and what happens next.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Craig Glenn said...

Great series! Very nice photo's and the story was just perfect!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Love it Jane!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Excellent series of photos.

JKoenig said...

Wow! Can't wait for the "rest of the story." You have given me a "birdseye view" of something I would have never dreamed of seeing.
Indeed - To God be the Glory!

BirdBoy said...

Wow those are some great shots, and a great story!

Abe Lincoln said...

Beautiful shots and story. Thanks for stopping at my flower blog today. Otherwise I might have missed this post. That would be awful.

Bird Girl said...

That one female looks as if her crop will burst open at any second! They are so funny to watch!

HANNIBAL said...

Awesome! The story is amazing! You are soooo lucky! I wish I were near to see this with my own eyes! Thank you so much for showing every detail!

Keith At Opossum Creek said...

Jane. Did I happen to mention that the Kestrel is my fav!
I really enjoyed the post.

Shellmo said...

These are just joyful to see - so many great photos! I love seeing a day in the life of those beautiful kestrels!

Tina said...

What a great series of pictures! So many different poses and I clicked on each one to see more in detail. You must have waited a long time to get the parents returning with so many meals!!
How lucky to have been able to watch this family of four..from eggs to fledging! Pretty neat, I would think!

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