Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sweet Summer Sighting.....

Last year I took my 70 year old aunt out looking for deer.
We saw a few here and there, and this first picture reminds me
how surprised she would be when I would pull over and show
her a deer hiding in the woods. She asked how I could see them
and I just said......well you have to train your eye. And that
is the truth. It's all about your interests and how focused you
are while you are driving along. It would be easy to miss the deer
in this picture.... if you weren't looking real hard for her.

Last evening I was driving my usual 'deer route' where I
haven't seen much all summer, when straight ahead I see
a doe crossing over. Shooting through the windshield doesn't
make for clear pictures....but I had no choice.

As I turn I see a fawn on the other side ready to cross

Off she trots following her mother

I try to remain still so they won't panic and run

as I inch forward and the fawn enters the woods

right there is another fawn

She follows and crosses over too

I tried hard to get them all in one shot....but butt shots
and one sweet little face is all I got

It was about 7:30 and back in the woods the light is low

I change my settings but it's not helping me much
curiosity keeps them watching me

Then the tail goes up ...ready to run

another butt shot of the two of them

The further they go into the woods the darker it
becomes and harder to shoot

Today earlier in the day I decided to look once again
for the fawns. I look in the exact spot I saw them
last evening and couldn't believe it! One fawn was laying
behind a log and I caught the movement as he
twitched his ears.

He hardly moved as I clicked the shutter

The other fawn was a little further away in better light
I love the natural habitat of the woods

How utterly innocent they look and so cute
I'm always so thrilled and thankful when I see
the Fawns in the woods. They are just so
beautiful and a joy to watch.

I hope you share in some of that joy today through
my photos.

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I could feel the excitement of seeing these fawns again.Your pictures,inspite of the low light,are great.Seeing the deer in the woods just looks right.Thanks for sharing this exciting moment.

JKoenig said...

May God bless your day too! Deer always do mine....Janice

Lindy said...

Oh... how I miss the PA woods! Thanks for sharing such great pics. :)

Lindy said...
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Craig Glenn said...

Love the deer photos J! Did you really take them? LOL

I posted something special for you and the other girls picking on me today! Check it out.

Craig Glenn

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I love the shot of the little one behind the log. They really do have the sweetest faces. I wonder if it's the big eyes that make them so appealing?

Tina said...

IT IS SO NEAT to see deer, anytime..but when you catch those fawns.ohh how one's pulse races. I felt your excitement as I made my way thru your post..I'm so glad you went back to look for your little one's...he sure was curious about you and your clicking..but you managed to get some great shots!!
Neat post..and I did have to click on that first one to see I was looking right past him!!

Shelley said...

These are just magical - like a fairytale to see these fawns. Lovely photos!!

Bird Girl said...

Well, you really hit the jackpot for fawns and how exciting to see these sweet little ones!
My favorites were those with the sun coming into the woods - just so NICE!!!

The Birdlady said...

Yep - very joyful!

Jack said...

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