Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Reunion Fun

When you think 'family reunion' you most likely
think of aunt, uncles, cousins, food, drink.....right!
But..... if you are a camera freak...
yeah I've been called worse...
you are there but you are looking for photo
ops... always got the camera in hand or close at
hand. The event was hosted this year at a lovely
home in city of Cumberland Md. Beautiful back
yard with lots of flowers.. like these sunflowers
with a bird house as a focal point.

Or another big beautiful sunflower with a bee
skipping around on it

This sunflower was so bright it threatened to
knock your eye out... two bees enjoying the nectar

The purple coneflowers were also lovely
But... the dahlias were by far the most beautiful of all

A new member of the family came this year and I
was in love. Meet Cooper... he is a cross between
a Soft hair Wheaton Terrier and a King Charles Cavalier..
never heard of those two dogs? don't feel bad I hadn't

He was not quite one year old, and by far the best
behaved of any dog I have ever known. His master did
send him to a week of doggie boot camp but he is still
just a baby... how could he listen so well?
Look at that cute little face... When told to sit
...he would sit until he heard "free".

When the family picture was being organized he hopped right
up and wanted to be part of it...

In the yard next door there is an apple tree and about half
way through the after noon I thought I was seeing things
when I looked and there was a deer looking back at me.
Of course the camera is right there in my lap..

She had come in to sample some of the green apples

Now Cooper saw her and she saw him....but upon being
told to sit... Sit he did.

My dog would have never listened to the sit command
for a second let alone 10 minutes...

You can tell the deer was not threatened as it just kept
on eating the apples while Cooper watched.
Soon something spooked the deer and off it ran...but
a little later she couldn't stay away..

She's coming up the path with the scent of those
apples pulling her along

She just ate one after another..

hogging them down

The deer flies must have been bad cause she kept
swinging her legs and head around

While picking up one apple and kicking with her foot

She spits out the apple and I caught it falling to the ground.
Yes it was another fun family reunion... Not only did I make
a new friend, Cooper but I saw beautiful Flowers
deer and oh yeah...

A catbird taking a bath.

Never ever leave your camera at home...

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Tina said...

Boy, how do those deer eat so many apples and not get a tummy ache? I can't believe it came back for and that your new friend obeyed so well..Wow that is one trained pup! My kids weren't that well trained! ha ha
It looks like you had a great time and nice weather to gather with all your family.
Those flowers were gorgeous and huge..beautiful sunflowers!

JKoenig said...

I can't even imagine a dog / puppy that well trained...and the deer must have entertained everyone.

A beautiful day with friends and family in a beautiful setting..what more could you ask...and you brought it back to share with us...Thanks!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Cooper is gorgeous! He looks so soft and fluffy and what a smart boy! Our farmer neighbor up at Hasty has apple trees and he seels the windfalls as "deer apples" for feeding deer. We'll have to get some this year and keep them out of sight of the deer hunters.

Bird Girl said...

Well...I have to say...Cooper is a real cutie! Much bigger than I thought from your description. Looks like it was a fun day and that dog watching the deer is just a riot! Good dog! He needed a reward after watching that deer hogging up the apples ;-)
Yes and beautiful flowers!

DallasD said...

Delightful! Just delightful!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Sure glad your camera was at hand.These pictures show a wondeful 'family gathering'.That litle puppy is adorable.

Shellmo said...

That Cooper is a cutie and my gosh - so well trained! I think I need to send my pup to doggy boot camp! I love that shot of Cooper sitting and looking at that deer - amazing that he stood still! Wonderful photos - really liked those sunflowers too!

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