Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saying Goodbye.....

What I learned while in West Virginia.......

click for a closer view..

Ahhhhh yeah... It was a very good time....
And a BIG part of that good time was due to one person...
Keith Richardson.
If you look at other blogs you
will see him often... whether he is being friendly and
kind.... posin' for a picture

All donned in his apron tending the grille
Tending to PR with Bill Hilton Jr. as the flock
laughs merrily in the background...

or playing Paco the cabano boy....on Susan gets native's blog....
He definitely was a one man show and made everyone
feel so much at home. So, I will say my goodbye to
Keith... Until we meet again. Thank you.

Good bye Lynne... I see you waving to me

good bye Don, you and Karen were a joy

Good bye you old coot... WV mountain man.

Good bye Geoff.... I'm indebted to you for
taking us to the Blue smoke..where I got
the most wonderful salsa!!

Good bye to the blue rain coat that ballooned
when the wind blew....

Good bye to the beautiful sunsets at the gorge

Good 'night' to Jeff Gordon...

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia...


Anonymous said...

Wow. You make them hills and hollows look invitin' sure enough. My momma, God rest her soul, was born on a mountain in Summers County, West Virginia. To her it was home and she left it for Ohio when about 16. She went back to home and grandpa when she could and had the money. She died in Texas which is about as far away from West Virginia as it gets. My Patty and I went down last summer for several days and walked around the streets of Hinton. It was nice, hilly and down home like. Still it was mom's home and its home to a flock of our Ballengee cousins.

Kathiesbirds said...

Jalynn, this was a fun post to read. Keith was amazing. I'm so glad you got that photo of him. I see myself walking across the street to the Blue Smoke in my camoflaged poncho, the best happy accident I've had all year! That poncho was a blessing in disguise! (Tee Hee!) I loved their Cafe Mocha, sweet and warm on a cool gray day!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

This was great and it brought a tear to my eye. I sure do hope we meet again. You are a delight and I'm blessed to have met you.

Tina said...

Wow! What a wonderful ending to what must have been a wonderful time!
You sure captured some amazing photos..and that little black and white warbler singing his heart out was such a prize!!
So glad everyone had a good time and enjoyed WV and the birding festival.

Susan Gets Native said...

That apron on Keith looks like a dress.
And we are all laughing in that photo. How....SURPRISING.

What a week we had. Can't wait to go back.

Bird Girl said...

A perfect ending to a perfect week! Lots of great photos, Jalynn! I know you're gonna miss that blue rain coat more than anything...well...except for KEITH ;-)

DallasD said...

Great reports on the festival from all over. Your pix have been fabulous. I have got to get some FT employment so I can take vacation days and go next time!

Beth said...

I loved this post. And I know it was Susan making me laugh in that picture...honest, Keith, we weren't laughing at you!

Miss you lots.


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very nice photos and text of your trip. I especially liked the fact that you noticed the sound of the trees in the wind- that is a memory that sticks with me when I am away from "civilization" and deep in the woods somewhere- I love the sound of the trees.

Shellmo said...

Such a beautiful series of birds - felt like I was watching a Natl Georgraphic documentary! So glad you shared these!!!

Mary said...

We sure loved our Paco. Will you return next year? I hope so...

Keith at Opossum Creek said...

Never Say Goodbye...Until we meet again.
The Pleasure was all mine.

jalynn01 said...

Yes WV is dear to my heart too. I had kin from there and spent some time there as a child, The narrow mountain roads hollows and hills always tug at my heart..

Kathie: yes that is YOU in the poncho crossing the road! That cafe was awesome!

Lynne: I do hope we meet again too you were such a joy to me. NR was just above the legal limit of fun!

Tina: wish you could have been with us. That BW Warbler was everywhere and gave me great opportunity for close ups!

Susan: yes what a week! next year would be fun.

Birdgirl: I found that picture so amusing of me in the blue raincoat I just had to post it.

DallasD: Thanks so much for commenting... you SHOULD take some time off and go next year. It is well worth it!

Beth: You have such a happy contagious laugh...I just loved it!

Daniel: I grew up in the country where all you heard was the sighin of the trees, the babbling of the brook and a whippoorwill (I loved that sound at night)... a car on the old macadam road was the rarity. I will remember those sounds forever as they are etched in my mind.

Shelley: Thank you!

Mary: Am thinking about next year.

Until we meet again, and I hope we do!

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