Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happiness Turns to Sad

I'm always delighted to see the Rose-breasted
Grosbeaks return to the backyard. This year so far
I have 4 pairs. There may be more but I've
actually seen the four all at once.

The first sighting of the Male with his splash or Red on his
breast is always a thrill.

He sits in the tree and awaits his turn at the feeders.

We tend to make them 'human' and make-up things they
may be thinking or saying like this expression below...

"Hey, Get some seeds out here"

Then there is the occasional first year bird... look at his colors

They seem to be having a hard time getting settled in..
brown turning to black, a little speckled, and the red not
quite red yet

Then there is the lovely Female... not so colorful but just
as pretty...

I love her eye stripe and how bold and beautiful it is

She seems fearless...shown here watching two Blue Jays spar
for the feeder

Then as I was recovering from bronchitis and coughing my head
off....I notice one of the female Grosbeaks also coughing..

The next day she is looking a little rough around the
edges and just sitting on the feeder and not eating

Nothing scares her away
It seemed as if her mate is saying... "you ok?" as she
shuts her eyes...

I guess she was not the next morning I found her
on the deck under the feeder feet up.

"Hope ever tells us tomorrow will be better"

I just hope she didn't have a nest full of eggs somewhere but it
doesn't pay to question these things too much or dwell on them.
My dad always says to me "It's just nature"

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath done.


Lindy said...

Awww... poor birdie!

The pics are great though! Thanks for sharing! :)

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Poor little thing. I guess because we care about them, I hope she didn't suffer.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures,but always sad to see a bird succomb to illness.

Bird Girl said...

It sure must be a thrill when the grosbeaks come back! How sad that one of your females would be nice to know what exactly happened. I sure hope the others are healthy!

Carol said...

You hate to lose friends...and that is what they become.

Anonymous said...

Love to see grosbeaks when they come back. I see them at the feeders when they first return for a few days to a week then sadly only a few times through the summer. They retreat to the woodier areas for the most part. Sad about the female.

About two weeks ago I went outside and found a dead ruby throated hummie, male, in our yard not ten feet from the feeder. No obvious damage or anything. It was just sad. What was amazing was being able to look at one so closely. Felt like a wisp in my hand.


Anonymous said...

It is too bad that these things happen to wildlife. I would rather see it happen to some politicians I know. ANyway, Nice post. Enjoyed it all but that one photo.

You probably don't remember when people lived and died at home and endured wakes. I wrote about it here.

BirdBoy said...

Im sorry about your grosbeak. They sure are awesome birds. I saw my first one this year and they were very surprisingly big

HANNIBAL said...

Very sad! I guess it's all a part of nature we don't like to see.

Tina said...

How nice to have several grosbeaks show up to your feeders..I loved being able to see the first yr male.
I see you are still putting out oranges and fruit..and I have to tell you that following your suggestion I have maintained putting out oranges for quite some time and within the last two weeks...we have had two red-bellied wps eating the oranges faster than I can get put them out!! I was thrilled to see them pecking away and tooks some pics!
Hope you are feeling better and are back out with your camera capturing all the neat things that are happening now!
Sorry about your sad ending..too bad it wasn't a house sparrow..but then abe's idea was pretty good! ;-0

JKoenig said...

What a beautiful post--I give you credit for noticing from your pictures that something seemed to be wrong with that little female. Pretty amazing that you would find her and even know that she had died. You have a caring heart.

Thank you, too, for pointing out the first year male. I now realize that I had some of them this spring also.

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