Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Banding at its Best at New River

Bill Hilton Jr. was at the New River Birding Festival banding
birds. Everyday the nets went up and what he caught
got a band. For more information on this amazing
man and his work try these links.
The net is almost invisible to the eye...
When a bird is caught it can be placed in a bag like this
or a paper bag with a clothes pen to close the opening.

Our 'Blogger Flock' were at full attention

See the paper bag with the clothes pen? Bill is explaining
the process before he began

The very first bird he caught was a Lincoln's Sparrow and
he was excited because it was the first he had banded in this

Each band is unique with a number that can be traced back
to Bill who has the information on the bird.

After the banding was complete he handed the Sparrow off to
one of the Bloggers Kathie of Sycamore Canyon and
she had tears in her eyes as she released it to the sky.

Another bird we got to see banded was a Female
Eastern Towhee. Beautiful bird. During the week he
caught and banded hummingbirds, Indigo Buntings,
Goldfinches and a Blue jay. Each day a different group
of birders would witness this and stand in awe.
Other birders would be going out on new and different
birding trips.
More of that as we continue our New River Adventure.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Keith at Opossum Creek said...

I am really enjoying your blog. I may have to really start paying attention to these. I hope all is well


Mary said...


It was so much fun to know you! When it comes to bird photos, you got the goods, girl.

I enjoyed your posts.


Lynne said...

Hey Jane!!
Glad you're home safe. That sure was a blast. Wish we could have had more birding time together.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your photos and even nicer to meet you at New River. It was so much fun to be there and now to be reading about it.

Tina said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and following your trip to WV. What a great time you seemed to have had..despite all the weather!! How neat it was for you to see this banding demo. and to have a linc. sparrow and a E. towhee as your banding participants!!!!

jalynn01 said...

Keith: I'm glad you like my blog. Please do come back. All is well, if I could just get rested up!

Mary: fun was the operating word! Thanks for stopping by

Lynne: Wish I had the picture of your face when Barb and I showed up! Priceless!!

Wren: Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Tina: Good times was what it was all about and birds! lots of birds!

KatDoc said...

person watching: "Ahhh, look at the poor bird in the bag."

Bill Hilton: "Don't get emotionally involved. We are SCIENTISTS."

Didn't you just love the banding? A chance to see the birds up close and personal and really admire their colors.

Great to meet you!


mon@rch said...


Bird Girl said...

That was such a neat experience - I'm still mad that I missed the Indigo Bunting!!!

Shellmo said...

I am really loving hearing about your trip! The banding photos were so nice to see!

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