Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Favorite Pictures from Christmas

Christmas eve, the cowboy tree was all aglow
the packages were under the tree
Santa was on his way......

My granddaughter Alison was fascinated with
all the different cow-boy ornaments

She carefully touched them while posing
prettily in front of the tree

How many bucking bulls can she hold all at once?

She is the perfect subject for a picture shoot

My daughter's chihuahuas were here too and Alison
chased them down to join her in a picture or two.
She is holding Layla

And here she is kissing Noodles

Noodles is dressed as a Christmas Elf and Layla a Santa

My dog Ben

As Ben watches for Santa the chihuahuas
settle in for a nap

And soon enough they are fast asleep waiting for old St. Nick

My daughter-in-law Mandy posing with her beloved Sophie

Meanwhile I get to open a gift and am elated to find a
heated bowl for my birdies this winter. My son got it
although he thinks I am crazy at the things I want.
I can think of nothing better than pictures of birds
drinking from my new gift. I'm already planning
how to set it up.

And then today I had to go grocery shopping and when
I came out I saw on the roof of a SUV nothing else but
a BEAR. They had it leaned against the roof rack with
its feet tied together. I couldn't believe it.
They also had dressed it up with a red hoodie and
a matching hat. I just had to take the picture!
Some lady gave me that "are you crazy" look
when I whipped out the Sony and started to take
pictures! Of course that didn't make me hesitate
or stop. I really wanted everyone to see this BEAR.
down to
see it
on top
of the

It's foot says 2005 and if you click you will see his name
is Humfrey!! Yep a Bear on the top of a SUV. I've seen it
all now. But I got to thinking, as many times as I lose my
car in the parking lot, this may not be such a bad idea!!

Enough of my silliness.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your grandaughter is a princess.The bear idea may solve the 'lost car in the parking lot' problem.So funny. Blessings,Ruth

Bird Girl said...

Those dogs are a riot! My favorite picture is the back of Ali putting a decoration on the tree - that would be a beautiful Christmas card!!! She is a doll!!! And Mandy- a movie star for sure!!! She is gorgeous in red with her dog!
The bear on the car is a good idea - especially with those memory problems we all seem to have as we get OLD!!! Hope you get lots of birdies at your heated dog dish ;-)

Lynne said...

Your grand daughter is lovely.

I got the same heated water bowl!! I have it on the ground between one of my feeding stations and some bittersween vines that the birds use for cover. I put a big rock in for the birds to stand on.

Anonymous said...

A whole bunch of excellent photography.

Dallas D said...

There's a home up the street from me that has holiday-dressed teddy bears standing in each window across the front of the house. Ya know, the dogs just won't stand there posing as long as the teddies.

Tina said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful and so photogenic! I love the photo of her holding many different dogs all in one place!! What a nice picture of your daughter-in-law and I'm jealous of that great big heated bird bowl..can't wait to see your photos of the birds that visit this! A very nice post..indeed!

Leedra said...

Congrats on the heated birdbath!

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