Monday, July 14, 2008

The 'Blues' Family

At the park I saw this wire contraption...I have no idea
what it's purpose is, but I noticed a bird sitting on it and zoomed
in to see what it was..

That got my attention as I love bluebirds.
Awww so cute sitting way up on top.

Now we have two babies joining in too.

They liked to hop all over it and would pop their little heads
through the wire to look around.

I noticed it had it's own little bathing pool. Babies were
taking a dip

Dad comes along to tell them 'out of the pool'

I left them there playing around.

On the way out of the park I saw a bluebird land on a box.

Mom was anxious to feed her little ones this nice juicy caterpillar

Dad got in on the act too, with a cicada.. notice baby in box with
it's mouth wide open (click for detail)

A better look at that big fat cicada

a little housekeeping and away he went.

Another sighting was a Male Widow Skimmer. I had to
look this up as I don't know my dragon flies. This is the best
picture I have taken to date of a dragonfly.

and lastly the yellow Tiger Swallowtail on a Joe Pye Weed.


Anonymous said...

I surrender. I have tried everything to get blue birds here but nothing has worked.

Do you have any suggestions?

Bird Girl said...

Just adorable bluebird shots! I love the one of the two babies on the wires and also the bathers! And how neat to capture the baby with mouth open in the nest box! The dragonfly is perfect! Great pictures, jalynn!

Marsha said...

First of all I LOVED each and every photo but I have to say the dad telling the young ones to get out of the pool is too cute! My very favorite is dad bringing food while baby has his mouth open inside. I don't have bluebirds either so I always enjoy them here.

The Birdlady said...

Great adventure! Of course, it has my very favorites, so I would love it! I amost didn't make it to the dragonflies! lol

Leedra said...

Great photos. The Eastern Bluebirds are so much fun to watch.

Leedra said...

Looking closer..didn't see the baby looking out of the birdhouse the first time around. Neat!

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