Thursday, March 13, 2008

Several days worth of bird pictures

I stopped at Legion Park often to see what ducks or geese
may be there after the rain turns it into a pond.
Imagine how surprised I was to see a bluebird in
my viewfinder. I was excited!! I never see them at
my house!

It was a gray rainy day but I was thrilled to see this pretty
little Blue.

the mallards were swimming around.

A few robins were listening and looking for worms.

Of course the Canadian geese were there too.
but I was surprised to see this gull.... Somehow he seemed
out of place in the cold PA weather.

Meanwhile back at my house, the Sharp Shinned Hawk comes
hunting for song birds.

He sure is a beauty. I love to see him.

I also have a fox sparrow who appears fat and happy.

The Carolina wren loves the suet.

Imagine how surprised I was when he turns and there is no tail

Here's a real butt shot and yep! no tail!


Bird Girl said...

How exciting to see a bluebird! Now if you could just bribe him to come home with you! haha I just LOVE that little sharpie - and you got awesome shots of him! The wren looks so funny with such a little stub - wonder what happened? I bet no tail really affects balance, don't you think?

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl! I would love to bring the bluebird home! And no doubt that tail-less wren probably has flight problems.My first thought was - wonder if the sharpie caught it? It seems he is here alot.

Marsha said...

I would love to see all these birds! Do the robins stay all winter or are you having your first spring arrivals already? I had a tail-less chickadee last fall and several "bird experts" tell me they grow new tail feathers so hopefully your little wren does too.
Great photos!

jalynn01 said...


It seems some robins stay all winter here...others come back in Spring. Some folks say our first Robin sighting is a sure sign of Spring. Right now you can see them in flocks pecking at the ground. Hope you're right about the wren. Thanks for stopping by.

Jotter Jan said...

Nice series Jane!!! Isn't it exciting getting Blubird photo's? Just seeing one makes me happy! If I got the Bluebirds and their families that my sister gets...I'd think I died and went to heaven;-) hahaha

Anonymous said...

Very cool photos. Looks like it's getting to be "springtime" in your neck of the woods too.

jalynn01 said...

Yes Jan, I so envy those who have bluebirds in the yard, I just could never get them to stay!

Hi Kay,
It is starting to look like Spring here, although they say some snow tonight! Sheesh. will it ever end?

Jotter Jan said...

Just checking to see if there was a new post...but...enjoyed seeing this post again!!! Great series and great shots!

Christy said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! :) I had no idea there were so many nature/bird people on blogger. It was getting kinda lonely. :)

Your blog is awesome, I know I'll be back. (I'll see if I can't convince some of our bluebirds to head your way...we've got a BUNCH!)


jalynn01 said...

Thanks Christy! I have been trying to attract bluebirds for a long time, and none stay. but I do get those beautiful orioles and last year they came to the feeders for oranges. I hope I can get them again!! There are a ton of nature bloggers out there. It's so interesting to see what everyone posts on their blogs.

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