Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cowboy Up!

A Christmas Tree with a Theme...or is it an attitude?

I'm a pretty traditional gal, but decided to do something
different....way different this year. For those of you who
follow my blog you know that I have a second passion - after
nature and birds I love 'bull riding". You can see it in action
on my blog here. I don't ride Bulls I just watch ..
Cowboys that ride Bulls for Big money.
PBR- Professional Bull Riders.

I got this bright idea last year to do a tree in bulls and
cowboys for this I went out and bought whatever
I could find for my themed tree at the after Christmas sales..

Here we have a miniature pair of pants...those
fringes on the sides are called chaps and they protect
the cowboys' legs.

I found a lot of trucks....every cowboy has to have one, and
along side the truck is a cowboy and one of the
several collector 'Bulls' that look just like the real ones.

My red cowgirl hat topped off the tree along with a
set of wooden bells with country gingham checked ribbon, the sign
says "Home on the Range"

A matching cowboy shirt to go with those pants

I couldn't resist this sign... Jeff Foxworthy knows
his stuff about red necks.

I was able to find the perfect material for the skirt
with hats, saddles, boots and spurs in all the right colors.

And while I was busy with the creative juices flowing
inside the house, the snow was blowing and the
wind chill was 4 degrees outside. The birds were having
their own creative day at the feeders. I grabbed a shot
from time to time as I passed by the windows.
I made sure to fill them up early
as I knew snow was in the forecast.

Today I offered grapes and cranberries... covered in snow
and frozen but Mr. Red Belly didn't seem to mind.

The Dark-eyed Junco preferred the sunflowers seeds to fruit.
When you see these cute little guys you know winter has set in.

A tufted titmouse also liked the seeds, but I actually
saw him take a cranberry but missed the shot.

The Downys were after the suet..
This little guy couldn't quite seem to reach

A very common but pretty little House finch

And last but certainly not least... A female Cardinal
was sitting on the outside of the window and peeking
in at me. Wrong settings, but how cute was that?

I hope I will see your Christmas trees on Your blog!!
I'll be looking for them.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done.


Kallen305 said...

I LOVE your tree. It is so cute. I love the little cowboy pants and that cute sign about rednecks! Great idea.

After seeing your blog post regadring red bellied WP's eating oranges, I put some out. I have not seen another red bellied in my yard for quite some time, but the fruit has been eaten.

I had to laugh at the titmouse picture. I had some pomegranite seeds out for the birds and one of my titmice tried one and spit it out. He then proceded to look my way in an annoyed fashion. HA

Great picture of the wood pecker. He is such a pretty bird. The female cardinal picture is super sweet.

Lynne said...

Your cowboy tree is fun and happy. I have a bird tree and I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I can!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is cool.I happen to be one who also enjoys the PBR.My hubby and I watch it often.Our favorite rider was always Chris Shivers.Most of the other names you mentioned in the PBR post are very familiar.Who say you can't love birds as well as bull riding?
Oh,the bird pics were great as well.

Shellmo said...

Your cowboy tree is great - what clever decorations you were able to pick up! I always enjoy seeing your red bellied woodpecker and it's fun to see them eat the berries!
P.S. I have my tree posted on my log cabin blog:

HANNIBAL said...

I'm not one to know anything about bullriding, but the tree looked fun...

The red-belly was adorable! Hope he enjoys your new fruit! The titmouse is a personal fav. so love seeing him!

NCmountainwoman said...

I love your cowboy tree. I would like a themed tree, but that's not likely with my dear husband around. The tree has to be traditional in every sense of the word.

Loved the bird photographs.

Bird Girl said...

The tree turned out great - and all your shopping for all things 'cowboy' paid off!
Love the redbelly shots too!

Marsha said...

Cowboy Up! what a cute post. I like the fun ornaments - my DH comes from a family of cowboys and I think I've seen that shirt somewhere :-)

You have such a wonderful array of birds at your feeders. Sparrows seem to be taking over here.

The Birdlady said...

I should say you got a shot or two! These are lovely! And you tree is a riot! Yippe-kayee...?? How to you spell that?

Mary said...

Great, entertaining tree! Thanks for visiting me :o)

I'll post my trees soon.

I love, love, love your bird photos!


Lindy said...

Your tree looks fantastic! How creative!

And I especially like the pic of the Dark-eyed Junco. When I lived in PA, I had a birdfeeder... and I loved watching the Juncos in winter. Chickadees were always fun to watch, too.

MicheleRF said...

How very FUN! Thanks for sharing!

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