Monday, November 24, 2008

Yesterday and Yester year...

As I go through the old pictures I come across ones that
are blog worthy. The Winter pictures are so appropriate
as we got freezing rain, then sleet and then about 2 inches
of snow on top of that today. It's really cold!!

Mr. Blue Jay is pretty in a snow setting

I always have a lot of male and female Cardinals. They
seem to love the trees by my house.

The Goldfinch says: What's this white stuff and where
are my sunflower seeds?

Couldn't resist this little Chickadee in the nibbled off
fingers of the hand feeder

The scarecrow always attracts a bird or two.. Mr.
Titmouse has found a sunflower seed in the hat

Birds were not all this scarecrow's hat attracted

Gee I hope I don't fall in here.

This mockingbird was displaying for a female partner
I'm sure. Taken in the Spring of 07.
Look at me I'm super bird!

The following three were taken over the week end while
the sun was shining and before the sleet and snow came.

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Hey you guys the seeds are over here..

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


HANNIBAL said...

You really got some good shots! I especially liked the mockingbird display--now thats a tough one to get! Lucky you! Your yard looks to be very inviting! I'd want to visit if I were a seed-eating creature!

The Birdlady said...

Oh I did enjoy these! I even enjoyed seeing the birds in the snow, since it was YOUR snow and not here!

Tina said...

What a wonderful variety of pictures.. kinda make me feel like Spring isn't too far away..ha ha I sit here and watch it rain snow showers! I love the chippy pic, as I grew up near State College we had tons of chipmonks, miss seeing them where I live now :(
Hope you have a really nice Thanksgiving!

Bird Girl said...

I guess there are some advantages in having to go through every picture on your hard drive while transferring to a new one - see - you get to enjoy all your favorite pictures again and share them with us! That mockingbird displaying is awesome and the cardinal shot is perfection - love the chippies too!

Marsha said...

These are all such beautiful shots, I loved them all! But, of course my favorites have to be the cardinals since I don't seem to be able to attract them here. To see that many of these beautiful birds in your tree is just so amazing to me...Lucky you!

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