Saturday, November 8, 2008

Autumn Delights the Senses.....

My first Delight is the Rose- Breasted Grosbeak. . .
He's still here and coming to the feeder.

He shares with a shy little Nuthatch

He sure looks be-dragled! (is that a word) haha

Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods.
William Allingham

As fall winds down the leaves start to turn brown and
the trees are getting bare

But Beauty still abounds in the woods and my sense of
smell and vision are delighted
I'm still looking for that shot of the Kingfisher, but I must say
the walks are just therapeutic to me with or without him

Meanwhile back in the yard, I catch a perfect shot of
a beautiful Cardinal

And I just sighed with happiness when I spotted this
Carolina Wren yesterday. After my failed nest episode
last May ... I feared I would never see one again.
He is so well blended with his surroundings I
would not have even seen him if he hadn't moved.

I too have American Gold finches trying out my new Niger feeder

The squirrels continue to search and conquer every nut
they can find. I don't know why, because as soon as
the snow flies, they will be eating my bird seed!

I'm sure this guy is hunting for an acorn or something....but
I had to smile as it reminded me of the my kids jumping
in a big pile of leaves..

My grandson Jarred hiding from my dog Ben in a pile
of freshly racked leaves...Nov. 9, 2003
Savor these moments that are warm and special and giggly

Hellllloo way over there Mr. Gray Squirrel...

Close up you're a handsome one!

Delightful happiness is a two inch carpet of bright yellow
leaves and blue reflected in the water

Now I bet you are wondering what is this?? Well...
the other day I was walking along this path and the
sun was shining and I got so hot I took off my
orange jacket and then lost it....
Today when I went back someone had kindly hung it on
a branch for me to find. Thank You...someone!
How thoughtful was that.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


NCmountainwoman said...

How beautifully you have captured all that is wonderful about autumn. I loved every single picture, even the squirrels (for whom I have a great dislike).

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A fantastic series of pictures.The rsflactions are great.

Anonymous said...

Good news on the jacket. All very interesting photos too.

Shellmo said...

The Grosbeaks are one of my favorites w/ their sweet faces. And I agree that you captured the perfect shot of the cardinal!

The Birdlady said...

These are great! Beautiful cardinal, particularly.

Tina said...

Thanks, I loved that walk with you and all your memories you've captured so well! I'm like you, even if I don't see many creatures as I walk, the walks, themselves really lifts my spirits. Great post! :)

Bird Girl said...

That little grosbeak is so darn cute - his head is bigger than his body - I love him! Maybe he'll stay!
I'll say you got the 'perfect' cardinal - gorgeous shot!!!
Nice post and nice person who hung your jacket for you to retrieve :-)

Darla said...

What a wonderful post. I stopped by when I was leaving Marsha's Garden. It's nice to know that people still care about others things, glad you found your jacket.

Marsha said...

What a beautiful autumn narrative and I loved the fun ending with the "found" jacket :-) Autumn in really beautiful in your area of the country.

HANNIBAL said...

What a great series of photos, but if I had to choose one as a favorite, it would be #6. Just gorgeous!

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