Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a Fall ~ God's Handiwork

After the trip to NY City I couldn't wait to get home and
see the colors of the Country where I live.
The first morning I went to the park..note the park bench.

But... sitting on the bench wasn't what I was searching for
I walked behind the park to the creek bed

In search of the stream I knew flowed there.. and the birds
I knew must be here

The first morning I did see a great blue Heron, but he saw
me first and was gone in a flash...
Although I have been told I am part Indian, I do not know
how to walk quietly through the fallen leaves.

I love to watch the colorful leaves float downstream

I too saw a Kingfisher, but he too saw me first.

Hiking through the woods on a cool crisp morn is as good
for the soul as it is for the body.

A Fallen tree with the roots exposed and
crunchy leaves all around
I returned to this walk three times in a week... and each time
saw something more spectacular that nature had left for me.

The complexity and beauty of nature reminds me that
the Creator takes great care in his creations.
One solitary leaf caught on the top of a stick...just for me.

The brilliant fallen leaves provide a colorful carpet that
beckons a morning walk

A blazing yellow and orange tree beyond the bare trunks

Aha little fella, what are you hunting?

Oh My! That is a very large nut for you to carry

A flurry of sound as a Cardinal takes off from a bush nearby

Did you think you could hide from me?

I see you up there looking at me

On my third round I did get to see the Kingfisher...
but from where I was the picture just wasn't clear.
I was stooped down in the underbrush pointing
up through sticks and leaves afraid to move
closer or he would fly.
I promise I will keep going back until I capture this
noisy little fella.

Natures music is never over.... listen for the sounds of the water flowing and
watch for the colorful leaves as they float down stream. This is just so soothing to my soul.

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Words fail me.Those pictures are so beautiful,all I can do is give God the on else could paint such a picture.

Bird Girl said...

How nice to get some peaceful walks and picture taking before your busy day begins - I LOVE the shot of the white throated sparrow!!! And yes! Looks like that squirrel bit off more than he could chew ;-) Lovely fall shoot!

Anonymous said...

It is all nice and a beautiful place to walk. Wow. I liked the creek pictures especially.

Marsha said...

You showcased God's handiwork so beautifully, I almost felt like I was on the walk with you. What beautiful fall color your part of the country has.

Shellmo said...

So refreshing and beautiful! Loved that stream and all the shots you took of the leaves. The country & woods are the place for me!

The Birdlady said...

That was a beautiful walk in the woods. Thans for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I saw where you still have Abe's Town listed but I got rid of that one and kept instead since that is Abe's Town.

Also, you can try writing an email to Patty about me getting a new dog. I really miss my Autumn Eve. It has been three years now.

We got the daughters Black Panther cat here called by the sissy name, Baby Kitty. That may warm her heart to the idea.

I'd like to get a dog that is already house broken and one that needs or deserves a good home. I would go to the animal shelter for it.

To answer your question about remembering stuff.

I remember most of this stuff. I remembered and talked to a lot of people who were then older than me and they remembered some things to and told me. Then I spent a lot of time in county seat at the court house looking at old census records to see who lived in certain houses every time the census was done. But I remember almost all of it.

fishing guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fishing guy said...

Jalynn:I certainly enjoyed you photos. I was born in PA and always enjoy seeing photos from there.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Jalynn. Just wanted to stop by and check out your blog after you left me an e-mail.
Love the autumn pics. Going out in the woods in the fall is great. Leaves crunching under your feet and it is easier to see the wildlife without all the foliage. We saw two deer in the field by the road last night on our way to Walmart. Naturally, I didn't have the camera because it was after 10 p.m.
Take care and check out my blog when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

My wife doesn't want to even talk about another dog as long as we have a house full now. Including the cat. So there might be a better reception to the dog come June when the daughter, granddaughter and the cat are no longer living with us. That's my hope. I will get another one but not right now.

Photo Cache said...

Just bloghopping and how beautiful are your pictures. You have a lovely blog.

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