Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A week of New Things......

Strong and content I travel the open roads.
Walt Whitman

In my new SUV and with a new camera in tow
I set out to capture a few pictures.

At first I thought it was a plastic bag with some food in
it that Mr. Raccoon was getting at...but....uh oh!!

As I got closer I realized it was not a bag at all

But.....Oh No... Not a bunny rabbit. Yes, did you know Raccoons
eat meat? I guess they do.

I scared him off and he took to the weeds...
giving me one last look before he disappeared.

Then a little further down the road I came across this
most beautiful fawn. Wish I had my camera settings
right, but I didn't. This is the new Sony DSC H50 and it
is different from the H9 that I am used to.

In spite of low light and bad settings this fawn was just
so beautiful I had to share a few pictures

It stayed and watched me as I shot picture after picture

Then it would graze some more while the shutter whirred
and clicked away

It had the most beautiful eyes with long lashes

A Perfect Pose...

All of a sudden the mom arrives on the scene... actually
she had been there all the time hiding in the tall grasses

I was so happy to see this deer as I have watched this
'Piebald' for several years in this same field.

She was much more cautious than her baby and

It wasn't long she too

slowly walked away.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


The Birdlady said...

Well, congratulatons! You must have been very good
You certainly put the new camera to good use...the raccoon is really miffed at you, and the little fawn - just beautiful!

Shellmo said...

Good action - glad you scared that racoon off!

Sara G said...

I passed on an award to you. Come to my site to claim and then pass it on to your fav. blogs!!

Marsha said...

Beautiful shots as always! I really like the "perfect pose" one and the mother's coloring is one I have never seen before.

From personal experience, racoons like goldfish too :-)

I am so glad you have the new SUV to tool around in and take all these beautiful photos.

jalynn01 said...

Helen: I'm always good ;-) The camera is a replacement for the H9 I had to send back for a refund. The car: my husband has been trying to get me a SUV for years...I finally gave in.

Shelly: Thanks..I scared him off but the next night I checked and the bunny was gone... I wonder if he came back and got it.

Sara: I want to thank you for the award, but I do not participate because of limited time on blogging. Thank you so much, I am honored you thought of me!

Marsha: The piebald is an abnormality and they say are weak, but this old gal has been around a long time and is very smart..
Fish eh? I wouldn't have guessed. I always think of raccoons raiding garbage cans not killing animals.
The SUV will help me I'm sure!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

New here-I love nature, I love animals and I love your photos:) I am adding you to my photo blog roll:)

Darla said...

I really enjoyed that post.

Bird Girl said...

Boy...I've never seen a raccoon eating meat - but them - what is it doing OUT in the day time? Creepy. The fawn is so cute and I am so HAPPY to see the piebald!!! She is looking older, isn't she? That is one very wise Mama deer! Nice post!

jalynn01 said...

welcome Adventure girl wanna be...stop back

darla: Thanks

BG Our piebald is putting on some age for sure. She's still a thrill to see and get the picture.

Leedra said...

Racoons are cute, but so mean. I was told they probably are what is eating my baby Killdeer everytime they are born.

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