Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a Difference the Camera makes.....

Raystown Lake Huntingdon County

I recently bought the Sony DSC H9 and a 1.7x Tele Conversion Lens for it. Until then I had a Sony DSC H2 and a DSC H5. I was quite content with the first two cameras until I found out how close you can get with the lens on the H9. After my trip to Central Park I had to send the camera back for repairs and I have been crippled ever since. I'm always seeing things that I can not get and it is really frustrating...

The H2 and H5 are excellent for scenery and close up macros. A perfect example is the pink water lily I got over the week end at Black Moshannon State Park.

Or the close up of some Rhododendron (H5)
And it does an excellent job with bog, boat, trees and sky...

This was the cutest place where you could buy a bird house
from the shelf, and using the honor system put your
money or check in a drawer underneath the Eagle
at the far left.

I could even get in close enough to shoot this baby
E. Starling eating one of my oranges.

I thought he was kinda cute... He is right outside my window
so I didn't need the extra lens power.

This was a bit of a stretch for the H5... It was further out in
the yard and I had to crop it hence losing some of the clarity.
Mom Starlinig feeding baby.

But... pictures like the Eagles nest at Raystown Lake really
shows what a difference the camera and lens makes.

This was the H5... no crop.

Cropped it still isn't that great...

I borrowed my friends H9 to take this one...

It cropped much better than the H5...
By the way... we saw no babies only the one lone Eagle
guarding the nest. He kept looking down into the nest
but we saw no movement. Too far away.

Moving on to the Kestrels.... I took this one today with the H5

Last week with the H9


Last week with the H9.

The camera and lens is very important. Good to know that
a 1.7 conversion lens makes such a difference added to the H9.


Bird Girl said...

A very nice post! Love the Rhododendron picture - beautiful! And the birdhouse shot is so cool. And how lovely is the male Kestrel in the flowering tree??? You even made me like the baby Grackle! haha

Island Rambles Blog said...

Great shots with the new camera...wow...what a great lens ...I like the eagle shots best!!! thanks for visiting my site. Enjoy that new camera now. cheers.

The Birdlady said...

You use it well! I love the little brdhouse shop - sometimes I wish my store was like that - instead I have 2400 sq ft in a busy center!

Marsha said...

I hope your camera wasn't seriously damaged and that you get it back soon. I loved the comparison photos and what a cute little birdhouse display. I love the honor system payment plan...we see that in the fall at apple & pumpkin stands but I have never seen it otherwise. The last photo of the kestrel is my very favorite...they are such pretty birds.

Sandpiper said...

Great post and very interesting, too. Your pictures are fantastic! I know a few people who use that camera and their pictures are so nice!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl.. I'm glad you liked the baby Grackle!

IRB, Thanks for stopping by..

Bird lady, That birdhouse shop was a gem.... no fuss! unlike your large store which I suspect is aLOT of work.

Marsha, I too am glad I live where people can still sell stuff on the honor system. Soon that will be gone everywhere. enjoy it now!

Sandpiper, I love that camera and I got it back today! yippee!! They had to replace the Mounted C.Board whatever that was. My friend says it's like a motherboard.

Shellmo said...

Loved seeing the differences - I'm still trying to master my camera. Hope your eagle isn't lonely for long!

Gusto! said...

Great pics! Having a camera you like to work with and getting the kind of shots you're happy with is half the battle.

the other half.....?

Timing of course!


bluebirder said...

A new look to your site I think? Been away nearly two weeks so maybe wrong but I like it regardless! Are you sure those are Grackles and not European Starlings jalynn??

jalynn01 said...

Shellmo: I think the other Eagle was there and deep in the nest.. at least I hope!

gusto: Yes! A camera you are comfortable with and that does the job is the ticket! The rest comes.

bluebirder: I could be wrong about the grackle...didn't think it was a Starling cause neither bird has spots. ???

bluebirder said...

Do I pish???!!! I'm half Scottish & spend an inordinate amount of time at beer festivals - what do you think??!! Your birds are definately Starlings - I have 2 pairs under my eaves and they are identical, so you need to edit!
Luv from Yorkshire!

Bird Girl said...

Jalynn - Me thinks that Bluebirder is right...Starlings. The Common Grackle has a black beak and the starlings have yellow beaks--that would also help you ID.
That mom sure does have spots. Time for the contacts to go ;-)

jalynn01 said...

I edited... Grackle to Starling..
:-) I've known some serious beer drinkers and I admit they don't pish!!!

Ok birdgirl... My contacts?? Can't give them up. Ya know how I hate glasses..As long as I can depend on nice people like bluebirder to reveal my mistakes I'll be ok.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Very nice photographs. I like the starling youngster in the orange.

a swift one... said...

Don't know what I like most about the kestrel shots, the bird or that flaking paint work. It makes for a stunning photograph - well done!

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