Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eagles Near and Far

On the Trip to Raystown Lake we were in the town
of Huntingdon when I saw a bird soaring overhead.
We pulled into an alley and started shooting.
An Eagle far up above us was circling.

When we got to the lake we could see the nest but no
Eagle within. Although she could have been there.

It looked like the male was standing watch in a tree
several hundred yards up the mountain from the nest.
Like a sentry he stayed there for a long time.
It was incredibly far away and the white of the
Eagles head was all that gave it away. These pictures
are cropped to death.
I can remember when we used to take trips to Little Pine Creek
near the PA Grand Canyon and see an Eagle across the Creek.
It would be a white dot in a tree and we would try to
capture it with our 35mm cameras with the zoom lens. When
the pictures came back we would have to use a magnifying
glass to see the bird. The new digital cameras and
editing abilities of the computer gives us an edge we never
had before with film cameras.

We left Raystown and went to Shawnee never expecting to
see another Eagle. But we did!!

We looked up and there were two mature and one immature
flying above us. Circling and soaring through the air.
I tried to keep the Sony H9 on them as they flew. Not
an easy feat. The immature was easy to spot without
the white on the tail and head.

It looks quite different.

At the end of this day I felt quite privileged to
have seen these Eagles near and far and to be
able to get some photographs of them.

To God be the Glory - Great things he hath done.


The Birdlady said...

Wonderful flight images!

Bird Girl said...

That Sony did a great job with the eagles! Near and far! A very, very, exciting happening for sure! Good job!!!

Marsha said...

They are such majestic birds and you have captured them in flight so wonderfully! I'm in awe.

bluebirder said...

More great eagle shots! I guess this must be THE time of year to see these beautiful creatures in your part of the world. My first good view was of a nesting pair near Ramona in southern California this time last year. Here in England we are now down to just one solitary eagle in the wild (a Golden). His mate died four years ago but he keeps holding territory in case another should pass through, albeit unlikely as the nearest birds are well to the north in Scotland. Very sad - make sure you cherish yours!

jalynn01 said...

Thank you birdlady, bird girl and Marsha!

At one time the Bald Eagle here was endangered but they seem to be making a come back. I am in awe everytime I get to see them. Maybe your Golden WILL get a mate who's passing through...let's cross our fingers!! Thank you for stopping by.

Lindy said...

I LOVE Shawnee Lake! I hope to visit PA sometime this summer, and I will definitely be stopping by Shawnee! :)

Great bird pics these past few days! Thanks for sharing! :)

Stacey Huston said...

Great shots, It is REALLY hard to stay focused on birds in flight, you did good.

jalynn01 said...

Hi Lindy,
I thought of you when I went there. I have a few more to post to keep an eye out. Thanks!

Thank you Stacy! I am a novice for sure. But I keep trying.

Jotter Jan said...

What an Eagle eye...great shots and great BIF's and great series!!!

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