Saturday, March 22, 2008

Woke up to a 'nor' Easter

My porch says "Easter" but the weather sure
isn't thinking Spring or Easter..

The playhouse was a drift in a winter wonderland.

This is a first that I have had both St. Paddy's
day and Easter decorations up at the same time.
The snow was wet and was hanging onto every branch of
the trees. My little birds were waiting on seeds in the feeders.

Mr. titmouse cleared a little spot to wait.

It all looked so white and serene

and peaceful.

All the birds were waiting on me to get the seeds and
fill the feeders. Because of my squirrel population I do not
fill up feeders anymore, but put some in each morning.

The darling chickadee is only a foot away as I go out on
the porch.

Yea! Here she comes with the seeds.

peek - a - boo I still see you!

I had no more put the seeds in and returned inside the house
when I saw a flash and knew immediately someone else
was looking for breakfast too.

This Sharpie knows that it can snag a meal at my feeders.
He missed on the first swipe and hid out in the oak tree.
I feel bad for Mr. Robin... no worms today!

On the Sharpie's second attempt he was closer and I was
able to get better pictures.

No meal yet, but he will be back...


Jotter Jan said... must've just put that post up...cause it wasn't there when I commented on your chubby little Wren! Great winter Easter series!!! Loved the Hawk!!!! Nor Easter was quite witty girl;-)

jalynn01 said...

Thanks girl! I have to confess Jan, my best friend gave me that 'title' haha We both know who that is. I did just post it minutes ago.

Bird Girl said...

Your porch is a picture of Easter and then the SNOW - so funny! I LOVE that sharpie - I wish I could get one in my yard. The chickadee, titmouse and cardinal shots - all very nice - but I just LOVE that sharpie playing peek-a-boo with you and the birds!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl...That sharpie is a beauty and I would love to get him snagging his meal, but I need to be home to do that! Loved being here today to take pictures.

Anna Simpson said...

Great photographs, well done. I love the chickadee pictures they're great. I'll keep check on your blog is's really good.

Anna Simpson said...
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jalynn01 said...

Thanks Anna for stopping by! Stop by anytime.

Anonymous said...

Burrrrr. Here in SoCal it was 90 degrees on Easter Sunday.

jalynn01 said...

Hi kaywag

90 sounds really hot to me right now! PA has more than it's share of 'cold' months.

Marsha said...

I love how you decorate your little playhouse for the season/holidays. I do the same with the little cabin in my garden.

Beautiful bird shots...that poor robin must be cold.

jalynn01 said...

thank you Marsha. The playhouse is my all the time 'project'. I love it and so does my little grand daughter.

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