Friday, February 22, 2008

photos with my New lens

I purchased a 1.7x conversion lens for my H9 and I can see
the biggest difference in my photographs already. The red
belly woodpecker did not have to be cropped and the detail
around the face and clarity of the eye is so much better.

Likewise this female downy looks better.

I did crop these female cardinal picts but was pleased
with the detail in them also.

And for the funny shot of the day.... check out the red belly
on the right side of the feeder almost lying on it's side to get seeds


Bird Girl said...

Good job with the new those 2 shots of the female cardinal - wow! The red-belly is a riot!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl! Can't wait to get some shots in NY with the new lens. It will be F U N !!!! HAPPY B-DAY GIRL!!!

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