Monday, February 25, 2008

Never Leave Home Without It!

Your Camera that is!
My brother David and I took my dad out to eat on Sunday
and traveled North on I99 to the Pine Croft exit. We saw
4 or 5 hawks that I couldn't get pictures of, but when
we got off the exit this one was sitting there pretty as
can be. The sun was shining right towards me and
prevented me from getting a great shot.

After lunch we headed up Route 350 towards Phillipsburg.
He wanted me to see the buffalo herd.

I call this photo the 'face off'.

When we got back down to the Vets Home on 220
my favorite red tail was resting on the wire.

As soon as I snapped a few shots he was off to the
nearest telephone poll.

Then he flew again and this time joined another red tail....
maybe his mate..

Wouldn't that be exciting... a little red tail love.
We couldn't take dad home without checking out
the dry run deer. I was ever so excited to see them
finally coming out again! I was beginning to think
hunting season had taken it's toll.

Yes! I see you hiding behind that tree.

I truly love these creatures.

Looks like a first year fawn, looking for last years leftovers
that she can eat.

My favorite place to see deer, by this pond.


Kathiesbirds said...

Jaylynn, nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my Blog. Redtails are pretty much the universal raptor, don't you think? They seem to be in every state, yet their variety is overwhelming sometimes. What nice shots you got of those 2. Cute deer too!

Bird Girl said...

You got a couple of really nice red-tail shots! Funny to see them hiding in the 'perceived' safety of that electrical mess! Guess that is 'city livin' isn't it - haha. The deer are out in 'droves' - how nice!!

jalynn01 said...

Welcome Kathiesbirds, and thanks for your comments. I think you are right about the redtails. I never tire of seeing them.

And Bird girl you are right about the telephone pole mess! That is where that redtail most always sits.

Jotter Jan said...

Nice series Jane! How bout that...2 hawks for the price of one!

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