Saturday, January 12, 2008

Walk in the Park

While visiting New York and going to Bull riding, I also
visited the same park I went to back in November.
(the post was Meno Park)
This is the more of the same park. The ducks and
Canadian geese were gathered around the one
place where the water was not frozen.

Doesn't this Canadian Goose look like he is skating..
all graceful there on one leg..
Well, they were skating, watch the video below

My brother and his girlfriend posed for
a picture on the bridge at the park.

It says ''no skating' but there is an iceskating rink right
across on the other side.The seagulls were gathered at one end.

I noticed this black and white duck, but do not know
what they are. They were sleeping.
I liked the way this female cowbird looked. (didn't know
what it was until bird girl told me.


Bird Girl said...

That was funny -- the goose skating! It always amazes me that ducks can sleep on frozen ice and ponds. Guess those downy feathers are better than anything for staying warm!

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