Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Horse and foal

I will depend on my expert equestrian friend Jan to tell me what kind of little horses these are. They are in a field below my dad's house and when I saw a foal I had to take some shots. He was having the time of his life running and jumping, just like the fawns do as you can see by the video.

My dad said he was only a few days old.

Here he is below sneaking alitle drink!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a different kind of baby.


Jotter Jan said...

Oh how darling!!!! Looks like a Shetland Pony and it's foal. Unless you went somewhere that raises miniatures??? At any rate...they are just adorable!!!!

Bird Girl said...

Always enjoy seeing anything 'baby' - how cute! It's legs just look too short in the video to even work!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks girls, and Jan I do believe they are miniatures, but will have to ask the the neighbor next time I am there to be sure. Not only was the baby short but it's head was big too!

Tirzah said...

Well said.

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