Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spring happening in the Fall.

It looks like a lilac.....It smells like a lilac
It IS a Lilac!!

I was on my way to work and noticed this flower blooming so I backed up and got out and took a couple pictures. I have never seen a lilac bloom in fall - have you?

It did bloom in the spring... only a couple of flowers. Just find it odd.


Bird Girl said...

Well now--that IS a happening! Did you smell it? Just wondering if there is a beautiful lilac fragrance to go with the bloom? You'll have to report tomorrow -- you know how I LOVE the smell of lilacs! My all time favorite!

jalynn01 said...

Yes I actaully DID smell it and it smells very lilac like. So who knows why, but was glad to see it.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Lucky you, getting to repeat the seasons all in one year. Maybe a sign of good luck! Most would have missed that last bloom, good eye!

Anonymous said...

My aunt has a very large bush bout 10'tall by 8'wide at the widest part. The very top of her bushed bloomed about 5 goups and a section at the bottom about the same. nothing on the rest of the bush. What does this mean for Winter??

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