Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Friendly "Spot"

I was up at my dad's and decided to do a 'deer run'. No fawns but I did see something interesting.

My friend bird girl and I talk about these deer like they are old friends. When we see them in an old familiar place it is just like coming home. This is a lovely setting but far away.I was thrilled to see the 'spot' on the doe's side. Last year we saw this deer all the time and at first thought it was a wet spot, but not so. Maybe a birth mark. So glad to see she made it through the winter and is still thriving.

So these pictures are for you, bird girl... enjoy!


Bird Girl said...

Oh!! I'm so happy to see our SPOT!!! There was a doe killed and I always wandered if it my be Rudolph - but Aunt B ruled that out and now we know Spot is safe! Yippee!!!
Thanks for posting that jlynn!

jalynn01 said...

You are welcome!
I knew you would appreciate knowing spot is alive and well. I hadn't heard you say you saw her, so I was anxious to let you know.

Jotter Jan said...

Just playing catch up...haven't had time to get online lately. Love the Piebald!!!

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